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CIMCO Catalog 2014

280 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Design/colour Width/mm Length/m PU Article no. Design/colour Width/mm Length/m PU Article no. Fibre glass woven adhesive tapes Description: Woven tapes on a fibre glass base, coated with adhesive on one side. Special features: Thermal stability: fibre glass woven tapes have been developed especially for uses that require a high temperature resistance. The tapes also have very high mechanical stability (tear resistance 280 N/10mm, breaking elongation 5 %) and also good resistance to aging. Typical areas of use: Insulation of high heat-radiating components and protective wrapping against heat, e. g. thermal insulation of coils, of flat conductors in actuators, generators and similar devices, pressure wrapping of coils and armature winding as well as jackets for external wiring, fixing of temperature measurement sensors. Fibre glass woven tape 130 Coated with heat curing rubber adhesive, permanently resistant to temperatures up to 130 °C white 12 55 24 16 2500 Fibre glass woven tape 155 Coated with acrylic adhesive, permanently resistant to temperatures up to 155 °C white 12 55 24 16 2510 19 55 16 16 2511 Fibre glass woven tape 180 Coated with heat curing silicone adhesive, permanently temperature resistant up to 180 °C white 19 33 16 16 2521 Special adhesive tapes Aluminium foil adhesive tape Description: Aluminium foil, 40 μm (0.04 mm) thick, coated on one side with pressure resistant acrylic adhesive. The tape comes with strong, polyethylene coated separating paper. Special features: Heat deflecting, light reflecting, moisture resistant, very low water permeability (water vapour barrier). Typical areas of use: Heat protection for electronic devices, shielding from electromagnetic fields for electronic devices, sealing cooling insulation, covering cut edges of aluminium foil edged insulation mats and rock wool or fibre glass insulation panels, sealing of metal and plastic ducts, applications with higher requirements for preventive fire protection, e. g. flame retardant winding for cable installation. silver-coloured 50 50 24 16 2900 Filament adhesive tape with mesh thread reinforcement Description: Base layer in polypropylene, reinforced with meshed nylon threads running lengthwise and across for the full length of the tape, coated on one side with rubber adhesive Special features: Excellent resistance to abrasion, extremely tear resistant (lengthways and across), no fraying at the sides, powerful, immediate adhesion. Typical areas of use: Bundling and drawing through of cables and cable harnesses, very strong packaging tape for closing and reinforcing, including heavy packages, e. g. cardboard boxes and cartons, wrapping heavy packaging items and other goods, banding of plastic and metal tubes, metal rods etc. transparent 50 50 18 16 2950 Advice and ordering: Phone: +49 (0)2191 3718 01, Fax: +49 (0)2191 3718 85, E-mail: